Wednesday, November 25, 2020

 As most of you know, I have been selling kits on Ebay.  The QRM-180 kit, the HV Diode board and parts for the SB-220, and the upgraded capacitor bank, also for the Heathkit SB-220.  I like the kits, and it feels good to promote some of the old hands-on experience that used to be the heart of ham radio.

Ebay is fine, but I get a lot of inquiries from folks (not hams) that have no idea what to do with the kits but want a lot of information.  Ebay is also expensive.  They make more on each kit than I do.  They are also pushing me to set up a business account which is even more expensive.

So...  I am not selling on Ebay, at least for a while.  If you are one of those that want one of those kits you can always contact me...

I still have the kits and can ship anywhere in the US by USPS priority mail ($8).

International is more difficult (and expensive) but if you give me an address I will try to get a shipping quote.

Payment will be by PayPal only.

Thanks for the interest.




  1. Just ordered the QRM-180 kit. I enjoyed reading your biography on QRZ.

  2. Thanks Darrell,
    If you have a chance, post your results here. I would be interested to see how well it works for you.